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Our Course

Class Fundamentals

Our course is self-paced and utilizes the Magnetic Mind Method which is designed for people who are ready to live up to their fullest potential.  The base concepts are from a combination of understanding matrix energetics, morphogenic fields, epigenetics, the law of attraction, the path of least resistance, how creation works, and the Superconscious memory coupled with hermetic principles and ancient wisdom.  Chris Duncan learned from top leaders in the industry and came up with the Magnetic Mind Method which we believe is the fastest way to create your desired reality.  Embark on your transformational journey, watch the intro video below.

Learn How to Manifest and Live a Life You Love!

➤ Intro - Watch First!

➤ Superconscious Journey

➤ Orientational Choices

➤ Structure

➤ Massive Change History

➤ True Choices

➤ Recode Resistance

➤ The Wisdom Process

➤ Morning Ritual

➤ Lenses

The class intro video has information that your subconscious needs to hear for the Superconscious Recode sessions to work.

The remaining nine classes of the course will teach you the foundational information you need to shift your mindset, including

the 5-Step Magnetic Mind process where you can learn how to manifest and start living a life you love!  Each class will end with

a gentle but powerful Superconscious Recode session to help guide your subconscious to let go of any resistance that's in the

way of creating your desired reality.  Take this course and be prepared to be mind-blown!

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