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Ignite Your Superconscious Swagger with Amanda Maloney


Discover science-backed strategies and practical techniques to open your mind, reclaim your power,

and transform your life.  Check out Amanda's book 

and course for more details.


Mom Mindset Mastery


Are you tired of feeling like motherhood is a constant juggling act, with your own dreams taking a back seat? Within these pages lies a blueprint for regaining control, radiating confidence, and aligning every aspect of your life with purpose, enabling you to navigate the challenges of motherhood with grace and confidence.

Learn How to Manifest & Life a Life You Love!


This self-paced course is designed to shift your mindset from a problem-solving perspective to a creative-perspective so you can focus all your energy on your desired reality.  You'll discover how to align your mind with what it is you want in life, then let go of any resistance in the way, so you can reach your goals with ease. Led by Amanda Maloney, you'll learn the exact 5-step method she used to go from chaos and stress to calm and confidence. Time is valuable and this course was made with busy schedules in mind. Each class is approximately 30 minutes and can be completed at a time that fits your schedule.

Ready to reach your highest potential?

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This course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a testament to our confidence in its effectiveness. You can try it risk-free! If, after 30 days, you have not noticed a shift in your mindset, let us know, and you'll receive a FULL refund.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


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Amanda Maloney

Hi, I’m Amanda Maloney. 

A few years ago, I was an overtired, stressed-out mother of two, just going through the motions every day.  Years of financial stress, lack of sleep, and the everyday challenges of motherhood left me feeling overwhelmed and deflated. 

Today, I am an Author, a Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, and a mother of two teenagers living a life I love with a newfound sense of Superconscious Swagger. I learned a science-backed method that shifted my mindset and transformed my life. 

Do you want in on the secret?

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